2018 Workshops

Peterborough’s International Women’s Day Conference offers a unique, three-track format that allows you to select two workshops from six available sessions. When you purchase your ticket you will be asked to select one morning session and one afternoon session from the track you find the most relevant, important and inspirational. Each session is 75 minutes in duration and will explore all three components of this year’s theme: Engage. Share. Empower. In between workshops, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with other women, an opportunity that will be valuable to you long after the conference has ended.

  Track 1  Track 2 Track 3
Morning Workshops

Workshop 1A: Breathe – Taming the Busy Mind

Workshop 2A: Try a Little Kindness – Building Resilience Workshop 3A:  Confident- Financial Planning for the Independent Woman
Afternoon Workshops Workshop 1B: Courage – Courageous Conversations

Workshop 2B: Suddenly I See – Creating Your Community

Workshop 3B: Scars to Your Beautiful – Reclaiming Our Bodies

Workshop Descriptions

*Breathe – Taming the Busy Mind  *THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL

This workshop will include simple movements and stretches to alleviate neck/ shoulder/ back pain especially for those who spend a lot of time at a desk. Practices to improve circulation and increase alertness. Meditation techniques including breathing practices and mudras (hand gestures to create an anchor for the mind). Simple breathing techniques to quiet the mind and reduce the stress response.

Workshop Takeaways: You will leave this workshop feeling calm, centred, grounded and refreshed with tools and strategies you can apply to your day-to-day life.

Facilitator: Anne Ryan, Certified Yoga Therapist and Teacher, Inner Quiet Yoga

Try a Little Kindness – Building Resilience

Discover how using self-compassion can build resilience and bring more calm to your day.  Learn strategies to overcome the amount of negative messaging you receive daily – mostly from comparing yourself with what you perceive to be standards – standards of goodness or achievement.  Based on the science of positive psychology, this workshop will focus on ways to connect with your body through writing, journaling and interactive experiences.  Learn how to use your emotions as your compass for when to change your habits. Experience simple, immediate, and effective ways to increase your ability to live a calmer, less judgmental life by engaging in self-compassion.

Workshop Takeaways: Tips, tools and strategies to help increase your sense of wellbeing. You will practice building self-confidence by using the various techniques discussed in the session. The result is immediate applicability of theory to practice, enabling you to gain a better understanding of self-compassion and its importance in building resilience.

Facilitator: Colleen Carruthers, Registered Psychotherapist, Coach and Senior Consultant, The TR Group
Sponsor: CMHA HKPR

Confident – Financial Planning for the Independent Woman

While women are more financially independent today than ever before, it’s important to develop a plan that will allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you want now and in retirement, and plan for the unforeseeable events that life throw at you. This workshop will also cover common concerns and basics in tax and estate planning; as well as common planning ideas. 

Workshop Takeaways: Participants in this workshop will gain confidence as they walk away with an appreciation for:

• financial planning and basics of managing your finances, investments,  tax and estate planning
• doing your due diligence when seeking professional help 

Facilitator: Jennifer Poon, CPA, CA, CFP, Director, Tax and Estate Planning, Sun Life Financial
Sponsor: Moloney Financial Solutions

Courage – Courageous Conversations

We all face situations that require Courageous Conversations. Think of someone whose behaviour you wish you could CHANGE. When you contemplate trying to have this conversation, how do you feel? During this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to script a conversation for someone they need to confront. Whether at work or personal. We will look at the fears around having the conversation, what prices we pay for not confronting and what is at stake to GAIN if we have the conversation and it goes well.

Workshop Takeaways: You will leave with the tools and the confidence to confront your toughest issues with courage, confidence and skill. You will be given the opportunity to craft your very own 60 second opening statement to start the courageous conversation you need to have.

Facilitator: Lori McKee, Certified Fierce Conversations facilitator
Sponsor: Agilec

*Suddenly I See – Creating Your Community  *THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL

Many of us (continue to) look for others of similar minds, values and interests with whom to engage, create and build kinship. Meaningful connection with others is acknowledged as a factor in maintaining mental and physical health. In this workshop we will develop and share strategies to seek co-creators of our life-community.

Workshop Takeaways: Strategies to find individuals/communities of like-minds with whom to develop kinship and community of your own.

Facilitator: Tara Seon, Retired HR Consultant
Sponsor: The Mane Intent

Scars to Your Beautiful – Reclaiming Our Bodies

Our bodies are our most precious resource. They are our key to empowerment. We need not look outside of ourselves for our freedom. We need only to return home to our body. In this workshop, we untangle the knots that keep us in conflict with our bodies. Experience simple, immediate, and effective techniques to trust your body, reveal your innate beauty, and build confidence to live free, engaged, and empowered.

Workshop Takeaways: You will leave this workshop with a sense of being more present, confident, and connected with your body and embracing of yourself. You will learn techniques you can use anywhere to stop negative body talk and replace it with loving acceptance. You will learn self-nourishment through your senses. You will understand that embracing and loving ourselves in our bodies is an act of feminine love that uplifts the world and lessens the challenges we face as women.

Facilitator: Myriam Llano, Registered Nutritionist and Coach
Sponsor: BDO Canada