2017 Workshops

This conference offers a unique, three-track format that allows attendees to select two workshops from six available sessions. Please choose one morning session and one afternoon session from the track that is most relevant, important and inspirational to you. Each session is 90-minutes in duration and will explore all three components of this year’s theme: Inspire. Empower. Act! In between workshops, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with other women that will be valuable to you long after the conference has ended.

  Track 1 – Our Voice Track 2 – Our Worth Track 3 – Our Potential
Morning Workshops

Workshop 1A – Song & Drum Circle

Workshop 2A – Lead“HER”ship – Discovering your “True North” Workshop 3A – Moving Through Adversity
Afternoon Workshops Workshop 1B – Activism, Volunteerism, & Conscious Consumerism

Workshop 2B – Your Numbers, Your Success

Workshop 3B – Imposter Syndrome

Workshop Descriptions

Song & Drum Circle  (THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL!)

Is there something within you that longs to be heard? This unique, small-group workshop will bring participants together in circle to explore how drums can help us to find our voice so we can affect positive change within ourselves, our family and community. In spite of the stories we may tell ourselves about our lack of musical ability, this workshop will allow participants to connect with their personal rhythm and authentic voice while experiencing the benefits of coming together in circle with other women.

Format: Circle
Facilitator: Adele Passmore, In Circle with Life
Sponsor: Thirteen Moons Wellness

Lead”HER”ship – Discovering your “True North”

In this workshop, participants will learn key principles to allow you to “weather” the ups and downs of your own leadership journey. You will begin to revisit or discover your values, strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan of action to allow you to have direction and course correction to move you forward in your career or life path.

Format: Workshop
Facilitator: Shannon Fisher, 5 Fish Leadership
Sponsor: Betty Johnson, RE/MAX Eastern Realty Inc.

Moving Through Adversity

This panel will address various ways women in our community have overcome personal and professional obstacles and challenges to create better lives for themselves and those they care about. Participants will leave this session having identified ways they might be able to move through or around obstacles in their path for either personal or professional advancement.

Format: Panel
Panelists: Abeer AlSalihi, a Syrian immigrant who works at the New Canadians Centre; Suzanne Galloway, Executive Director of YES Shelter; Andressa Lacerda, Executive VP & Co-founder, Noblegen Inc.
Moderator: Marion Langford, Empathy at Work Coach & Consultant
Sponsor: Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge

Activism, Volunteerism, & Conscious Consumerism

This panel will address why it’s important for women to use our voice to build stronger communities. Our three panelists will share their perspectives on how these contributions also develops our skills, confidence and connections. At the end of the panel presentation, participants will be encouraged to identify ways they might be able to become more engaged and assert their voice for causes that are important to them.

Format: Panel
Panelists: Rosemary Ganley, Jamaica Self-Help; Brianna Salmon, Executive Director, Green-Up; Kemi Akapo, New Canadians Centre; Hattie Edwards, Green Communities Canada
Moderator/facilitator: Frances Wilbur, General Manager, Community Opportunity and Innovation Network (COIN)
Sponsor: Marion Langford, Empathy at Work Coach & Consultant

Your Numbers, Your Success (THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL!)

Financial literacy is needed not only to improve women’s management of their personal finances, but also to empower them to make informed decisions on appropriate financial services and products, and to undertake and manage entrepreneurial activities. This interactive workshop will help you sort through the confusion and leave you more financially literate.

Format: Workshop
Facilitators: Dawn Hennessey, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC); and Leslie Bradford-Scott, Walton Wood Farm
Sponsor: Cody & James CPAs

Imposter Syndrome

Most of us at one time or another have felt like a fake, worn a mask of confidence when inside we are crumbling. This is most common in the workplace. This lively, entertaining and interactive workshop will provide attendees insight into Imposter Syndrome; its causes, symptoms and ramifications. Practical tools, including the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “tapping” will be taught during the workshop so participants can understand and start mitigating their “imposter feelings,” and begin to truly own their success and accomplishments.

Format: Workshop
Facilitators: Debbie Vandenakker, Loving Warrior Women Coaching
Sponsor: BDO Peterborough