2020 Keynote Speaker

Annemarie Shrouder

Keynote Topic: Four Keys to Effective Allyship

Annemarie Shrouder has spent more than 20 years in the field of Diversity and Inclusion as a facilitator, consultant, and international speaker.

She is committed to fairness and belonging. These commitments mean that she believes in playing fair in the sandbox, and that everyone should have a place at the table – not just a seat, a place, which implies that we are valuable and valued. Annemarie has worked with over forty Not for Profit organizations, legal firms, and corporations.

Organizations turn to Annemarie when they are looking to build healthy workplace communities: environments where people can learn and are supported, and where they are seen, heard and valued. Healthy workplace communities increase satisfaction, engagement, productivity and innovation – as well as help to improve client/customer service and satisfaction.

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