Anne Driscoll

“IWD has been beyond amazing. I’ve made memories that will last a life time. Look forward to this year’s IWD.”
Anne Driscoll

Lauren Mallory

“My biggest takeaway from the IWD conference is the importance of intergenerational connections among women. I met so many amazing women across life stages — it definitely deepened my sense of place and purpose in empowering myself and other women.” 
Lauren Mallory

Denise Travers and Suz Dunkley

“The reason I attend IWD is there is an amazing feeling of oneness. There is something about being a ‘part’ of such a strong group of women. I have never felt that before-it’s incredible”
Denise Travers

“This conference has been for me an inspiring part of my journey- I have gained valuable insight into me as a woman, an employee and a manager and as a person who wants to be an important part of my community”
Suz Dunkley

Karolina and Rita

“Amazing empowering experience full of love, passion and inspiring women.”
Karolina Olczyk

“IWD is a conference where you can witness powerful, intelligent women honouring and encouraging each other”.
Rita Diilio

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