International Women’s Day 2020

Come celebrate International Women’s Day with us March 6th, 2020 by gathering for a luncheon, keynote speaker event.

Do you long to connect as an ally in a meaningful way? Are you open to some insights on how to be a better-informed ally for others? Join like-minded individuals to focus on how we might collectively and individually bring about positive change in our lives and in our community. 

After a delicious 3 course plated lunch, our dynamic keynote speaker Annemarie Shrouder will address this year’s theme “Effective Allyship”. You’ll also have time to network and share ideas with other attendees.

Come on your own or bring a friend or colleague. We encourage all genders to join in a discussion about allyship, identifying how we can all work toward building relationships based on trust, consistency and accountability with marginalized individuals or groups of people.

Our promise to you: You will walk away feeling more inspired and connected.

Please note, we’re going to celebrate International Women’s Day a couple of days earlier in 2020 so that we can meet on Friday – what a great way to end the week. We are also moving from our regular full day conference, to a luncheon and speaker format for 2020.

Connecting Women, Inspiring Action

2018 IWDPTBO Conference Ticket

Thirteen Moons Wellness will once again host an International Women’s Day event primarily to bring women of the Peterborough and surrounding communities together, and aims to both inspire and advocate for greater action and investment to advance gender equality. This annual gathering  gives attendees the opportunity to create meaningful connections with each other, engage in learning to help them reach their personal and professional goals, and to feel inspired and empowered to spread awareness and break down barriers that women face today.                                                                     

The success of our previous three IWD conferences affirms the relevance of an event that welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds in our community. While we may not see the positive changes we aspire to immediately, especially during our current political climate, it’s important for women to remain diligent and steadfast for the generations to come.

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Louise Racine
Louise Racine, Thirteen Moons

For the past 18 years, Thirteen Moons Wellness has been committed to promoting self-care for women who play so many important roles in our families, workplaces, and communities. It is important to have events like the International Women’s Day Event that provide opportunities for women to engage in learning, share triumphs and struggles, and ultimately, empower us all so we can continue to serve and thrive. Together, we are stronger.

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